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CS Wind Corporation is a global wind tower company with expertise, reliability and quality. We create the bright future for human and nature.

Global Experiences with 5,100 towers
CS Wind Corporation (Former Company: Choong San Corporation) has been successful in steel construction business over 20 years and has done many large scale projects all over the world.
In order to be specialized in rapidly growing wind power industry, CS Wind Corporation started wind tower business in Vietnam from 2003.
CS Wind Corporation has been producing over 5,100 wind towers from 2004, which have been exported to United States, Europe.
World No.1 Wind Tower Company
CS Wind Vietnam Co. , its first wind tower factory in Vietnam, is now recognized as one of the leading wind tower manufacturers. With accumulated experiences and proven high quality, CS Wind Corporation has built a new wind tower factory in China to serve global wind power market as well as local market.
In addition, CS Wind Corporation established its factory in Vietnam, CS Industries, Ltd. for manufacturing wind towers and aluminum platforms for wind towers.
CS Wind Tower Co. and CS Industries, Ltd. have been integrated to become CS Wind Vietnam. Another, CS Wind Canada was established for the North-America markets and managed in stable operation since 2012 when it started manufacturing.
As a result of the expansion of the production facilities in Vietnam, China and Canada, CS Wind Corporation can produce up to 2,300 towers a year.

íŠ Wind Tower Manufacturing
íŠ Aluminum Platform for Wind Tower
íŠ 245.5Km2 (60.7 acre)


íŠ Wind Tower Manufacturing
íŠ Rotor Housing Manufacturing
íŠ 241.2Km2 (59.6 acre)

íŠ Wind Tower Manufacturing
íŠ 207.6Km2 (51.3 acre)

The Best Quality
CS Wind Corporation is dedicated to provide immediate and long-term manufacturing partnership with world major Wind Turbine Generator Vendors . Our partnership lies in our superior quality of wind tower and continuous efforts for the best quality .